The Wrap & Repair Specialists

We are 3 brothers born in the UK, we never knew we were going to go into business together originally however we were all previously working in the motor vehicle sector. We all sat down and thought it would be a good idea to bring all of our experiences to the table, this is how the D3 Services group began. Three different experiences bonded into one great business. The different elements of our business are; Paintless Dent Repair, Smart Repair, Vehicle wrapping and Architectural Wrapping.

We thought it would be a fantastic idea for individuals to have the one stop shop for vehicle repair and vehicle wrapping as well as introducing architectural wrapping.

We decided to take it that one step further and introduce something that not many people are aware of; architectural wrapping. This is a new and exciting way of refurbishing commercial and domestic areas of your choice at a much cheaper cost.

Having to remove and refit is timely and costly, architectural wrap  is cost effective and non-disruptive as we cover the old with great new materials designed to refurb offices, kitchens, anything of your choice with a large range of style.

Everyone within D3 Services Group has been trained to very high standards and we are a memebrs of some great organisations such as; The Institute Of The Motor Industry, this award was handed to us by the Mayor of Bedford who has recognised our efforts in being in line with industry standards within our business and achieve great customer satisfaction.

We want to continue to maintain our high level standards and we wish to keep developing our business whilst giving our customers what they want.

We hope you enjoy our future journey.