Architectural Wrapping from D3

With hundreds of variations in stock and available, ranging from fabric, marble, metallic, natural stone, wood and solid colours, Cover Styl’ is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is a highly cost-effective, low-maintenance vinyl covering that is both quick and easy to apply.

Cover Styl’ is also perfect for renovations and refurbs thanks to being hard wearing, coming with a 10-year guarantee. The quality of the product is second to none, with a thickness of between 200 and 350 microns (film dependent), and it offers additional benefits such as being UV resistant and fire tested certified.


Replica finishes that are hard to distingush from the real material.


Texture that enchance, uplift and transform interiors.


Create amazing spaces and high quality customer experiences at a fraction of the cost.

Self-Adhesive Films to Wrap Any Surface

With customers having to work to a budget, vinyl wrapping is proven to be considerably cheaper when comparing refurbishment versus new build projects. In fact refurbishment is generally 1/7 of the cost compared to ‘rip out and replace’!

3M DI-NOC Architectural Wrapping is easy to apply, hardwearing and resistant to dirt. Refurbishment with self-adhesive films provides a budget friendly solution with high quality and excellent results.

Businesses, such as shops, offices, banks, bars, and restaurants, can remain open during application. This means there is minimal disruption plus no additional equipment or technology is needed.

Lightweight and self-adhesive, they can be applied directly to existing surfaces quickly and easily, with less likelihood of error and waste. 3M DI-NOC films meet CE and EN 13501 fire certification standards for your peace of mind.


Big cost savings over traditional rip out and replace costs

Architectural wrapping is very easy to repair if damaged by day to day wear and tear

Faster to install with minimal preparation, noise and mess

Fire tested, CE marked and IMO approved for peace of mind

Choose your colour


Fine Wood

Ceramic MT


Abstract Earth

Dry Wood MT