Customers expect high standards from a hotel, meaning furnishings should also be of the highest possible standard, to reflect the style and tone. Architectural finishes for hospitality environments provide designers and hotel owners’ options for almost any surface with hundreds of colour and texture options. Existing furnishings can be kept and renewed rather than replaced, saving on cost and time, without compromising on style.

Hotel chains can refurbish lobbies, corridors, bedrooms, doors, and onsite

restaurants. Using self-adhesive finishes can be quicker and more cost-effective and also produces high-quality results. Available in a wide range of finishing options, architectural finishes are also flexible and easy to clean.

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Overhauling tired hotel furniture

The costs of sprucing up older hotel properties can be very costly but by wrapping fixtures such as old wardrobes the whole room can be lifted without any disruption to guests or your profits.

Quality bar refurbishment

This bar area was transformed without any disruption during the application of this self adhesive wrap – and we reused existing fixtures and fittings to keep refurbishment costs as low as possible.

Improving the look of lifts in your lobby

Making updates to public areas can boost business as guests feell more at home in clean modern reception areas. This lift was transformed in just one day.

Improving the look of equipment

Improving the look of equipment in public areas keeps your customers coming back for more. Here is a refurbishment of a wine chiller in a high end hotel which took less than 2 hours to complete.

Transforming doors anywhere

Doors often get knocked and damaged in high footfall areas such as hotels, offices and bars. Keeping them looking clean and fresh is easy with our self adhesive vinyl wrapping service.