Interior designs within offices can be influenced to promote both privacy and community. A well-designed working environment can have a major impact on the productivity and wellbeing of your staff, and affect how they perceive the company they work for.

Wear and tear on surfaces can be tough in many work spaces, so keeping offices, meeting rooms and reception areas looking fresh and up to date can be a challenge. Cover your existing furniture and walls in high quality, textured vinyl to achieve the look of wood and marble finishes. 3M window films can achieve the look of etched and sandblasted glass for a fraction of the cost.#

It can also be difficult to balance a need for privacy in meeting rooms with the common desire for modern, airy designs making use of glass walls and

panels. Decorative window films are therefore ideal for keeping work spaces open, bright and stylish, yet still providing privacy.

3M DI-NOC and Cover Styl’ surface finishes represent a cost effective method for refurbishment of existing facilities. The finishes are lightweight and can be applied in situ, with less noise, mess and disruption during installation. Refurbishment is generally 1/7 of the cost compared to ‘making it new’. With contractors having to work to a budget, these high value, high quality, architectural films have proven to be much cheaper when comparing refurbishment versus new build projects.

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Desk Transformation

Transform Washrooms

If you think about the cost and inconvenience involved in replacing a washroom or toilet block in any commercial premises, but by wrapping over existing doors, cubicles, tiles and counters you can totally transform them for a fraction of the cost.

Lower Heat Gain

3M Prestige Window Films applied to a commercial building without changing its appearance

Office Update

Wrap Walls

Recreate the look and texture of natural materials with a wood grain film on walls and surfaces

Wrap Building Facades

Update the colour of any building with a self-adhesive vinyl as an alternative to paint