Customer expectations when visiting a bar or restaurant have never been higher and competition for the leisure pound is fierce. This means that furnishings and decor needs to be of the highest possible standard, to reflect the style and tone of the establishment.

Beautiful architectural finishes for hospitality environments provide designers, bar and restaurant owners’ options for almost any surface with hundreds of colour and texture options. Existing furnishings can be kept and renewed rather than replaced, saving on cost and time, without compromising on style.

Renovation has never been easier than with our cutting edge architectural finishes. Refresh your furniture, walls, fixtures and fittings without any building work. Surface finishes can be installed at night, with no noise disruption to customers, saving significant downtime costs.

Using self-adhesive finishes can be quicker and more cost-effective and also produces high-quality results. Available in a wide range of finishing options, architectural finishes are also flexible and quick to install.

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Transforming a coffee shop

We refurbished this boutique coffee shop for a fraction of the price of installing new decor. The owner was incredibly pleased at the speed of our installation.

Quality bar refurbishment

This bar area was transformed without any disruption during the application of this self adhesive wrap – and we reused existing fixtures and fittings to keep refurbishment costs as low as possible.

Beautiful Restaurant Windows

Our Crystal Glass Finishes offer both dusted and frosted designs that provide the look of sandblasted or etched glass, at a fraction of the cost.