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If your vehicle has a dent or scratch you have come to the right place. Our vehicle repair services are fast, affordable and carried out to the highest possible standard and 100% guaranteed. Our expert staff are fully trained and committed to offer you and your vehicle the best possible service.

Vehicle Repair Experts

Finding a small dent or scratch on your vehicle bodywork, alloy wheel or bumper is always frustrating and often not your fault. You park up your car only to return to it find a dent or scratch and the culprit long gone. Or you get some stone chips over time. All of this damage is always inconvenient and leaves you with an unwanted bill.

Good news though. Our car dent and scratch repair services are a very cost effective way to repair small dents and scratches on your vehicle and generally bring it back to a lovely condition.

Here is how it works:

Before Treatment

One of our IMI certified dent technicians will assess the dent, wipe down the surface and understand key access point before working the dent.

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After Treatment

A smooth and seamless repair that is finished to the highest of quality. Dent free with D3 Vehicle Repair.

Vehicle Repair Services

Dent repairs

Paintless dent removal, one of the benefits of PDR is that it can be done outside of a workshop in a fraction of the time compared to car bodyshop repairers, without devaluing the price of your vehicle as D3 bring your vehicle back to its factory condition without any filler or paint!

Bumper repairs

Our bumper repairs takes the worry out of yours hands, not only can we help your bumpers look as good as new we help keep the value on you’re vehicle!


Paint repairs

Our SMART paint repairs are carried out by our qualified technicians from their equipped vans using modern technology and specially formulated materials. Our accurate colour match technology allows colour match to almost any paint finish. SMART repair is quick and inexpensive!

Stone chip repairs

We will cosmetically improve unsightly stone chips using the updated technology for the most seamless repair you can get. The full touch-in process is completed, finishing with a light polish to ensure your vehicle’s appearance is returned as close as possible to its original state.

Touch up and polish

However large the damage to your vehicle, we can restore it to the best possible standard. First, we will check whether a Touch Up and Polish is definitely necessary – if you can’t feel a scratch with your fingernail then it may polish out without the need for touching up. This can be done for light scratches, blemishes and swirl marks, and will also remove stubborn grime.

Alloy wheel refurbishment

This service is an alternative to replacing the alloy wheel, making it look a good as new for a cheaper price. Note that damaged wheels can have an adverse effect on your driveability. A member of our team will ensure the vehicles alloy wheels are safe before we attempt to repair.


Our Customers

Private Vehicles


You are in safe hands with our highly skilled technicians, we pride ourselves on a top quality service. Our team are on hand to respond to your needs and will arrive at the destination of your choice.

Hail Damaged Vehicles


For your peace of mind we work alongside insurance companies as well as bodyshops to ensure a smooth transition from the start of the repair, to the finished product, ensuring you have a good experience.

Commercial Vehicles


From small to large fleet companies, we cover a wide range of clients. Catering their repair needs, we have dedicated technicians that are on call to respond quickly to your requirements.

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